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Francesco Bongiorno piano drums


Piano Lessons

The lessons will offer you a professional training with personalised study programs.


The Piano course is open to everybody, whether you want to prepare for an exam at the conservatory, take part in a competition, or you want to do it for fun.


The type of program to follow is created by the teacher considering the student’s needs and goals.


The courses are divided into 4 categories:


  • Classical study

  • Custom study

  • Jazz study

  • Piano courses for children: piano lessons for children are shaped in a way that the music education won’t interfere with their school homework (geography, math, history…) but it will just be an amusing, fun activity.


Ask for more info and for a tryout lesson.

Piano lessons are given on an acoustic piano Yamaha U3.

Drum lessons

The teacher offers to share with his students his passion for the drums, his knowledge, and the experience gained in many years of professionalism.


The study plan aims to educate both the student who wants to become a professional musician and the one who wants to play as an amateur. The teacher will consider the characteristics of each student such as age, level and potential to determine a personalised study course including not only theory and technique bases, but also improvisation and ear training. The aim is to develop each student into a complete musician.


Some of the greatest books for drumming and reading will be used during the drum lessons:


  • Real Time Drums Level 1 en Level 2

  • Dante Agostini (methods for drums)

  • Dante Agostini (rhythm solfège)

  • Dante Agostini (sight reading)

  • Stick Control

  • Charley Wilcoxon – 150 Rudimental solos


Ask for more info and for a tryout lesson!

Drum lessons are given on a great acoustic drums Yamaha Manu Katche.

Music production

If you wish to compose and produce your own music this is the perfect course for you, all you need, to start,  is a laptop or pc and a decent pair of headphones.
Francesco has been  recording and producing music for the past 15 years.
He has been releasing pop and electronic music with some of the major labels of the music industry such as: Warner Music, Revealed Radar, Soave, Blaco Y Negro.
He’ll  be very happy to share all the knowledge and experience acquired with passionated and dedicated people.

This course will cover the following fields:

  • Ear training 

  • Learning your DAW (digital work station) 

  • Mixing techniques  

  • Mastering 

  • Composition

  •  Song writing

  • Orchestration

  •  Film scoring

Producing music it’s an amazing world where endless possibilities can lead you to compose anything you want. Everyone can push their creativity, sometimes a mistake  can create something very unique, that’s why it’s so fun!

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